JetMarine Board is the most advance marine panel for shipbuilding, marine construction, and marine interior design

JetMarine Board: Made for Marine

Only the most resilient, hardest working construction materials can make it in the marine environment. But that’s where JetMarine Board thrives. It fights fire, combats mold and mildew, and resists impact. It’s Made for Marine.

Fireproof construction for ships starts with JetMarine Board. It's a marine panel for offshore platforms, cruise ship construction, ship building and any other marine construction material need.Advantage at Sea

• Engineered to stand strong against vibration, impact, and all the elements
• Unprecedented fire protection: Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as Class A30 Noncombustible
• Impervious to humidity and temperature changes
• Patented nano-technology for proven performance in every board
• Ready for custom lamination to any surface

Better Fire Protection Than the Rest

Unlike other marine construction materials that simply resist fire, JetMarine Board actually fights fire by releasing chemically bound water molecules. When heat is added to JetMarine Board, water vapor is released…the equivalent of 30 lbs. of ice per board. No toxic gases. No dangerous chemical vapors. Just water.

A Scientific Breakthrough in Marine Construction

Comprised of a naturally occurring mineral (magnesium oxide), JetMarine Board is sustainably manufactured using proprietary nano-ceramic technology. This technology resulted from 7 years of intensive research and development and ensures consistency and quality in every panel.

When It Comes To Safety, JetMarine Board is the Better Board

Unlike other mineral-based boards (such as some vermiculite board), JetMarine Board is completely non-toxic and free of asbestos and silica. JetMarine Board is so easy on people – ship passengers, crew, and marine construction teams – that those with chemical sensitivities have no reaction. Everyone can breathe easier with JetMarine Board.

Better Than Bare Metal: Decorative + Functional

To build fireproof walls, marine architects and engineers now have a decorative panel option instead of just bare metal wall paneling. Jet Marine Board can be affixed to existing marine construction by attaching it to ¼ inch stiffeners. There is no need for additional insulation such as mineral wool, because Jet Marine Board naturally delivers high R values in a wall cladding application.