Marine panels should be customized for marine decor, and JetMarine Board can be laminated as a marine board with FRP. It's much better than marine plywood!

Live-Saving. Livable. Marine Interiors.

Keep passengers safe, and more comfortable. Build your interior walls, partitions, ceilings, and floors with JetMarine Board. Unlike other marine boards that simply resist fire, JetMarine Board fights fire by releasing chemically bound water molecules. With a Class A30 Noncombustible rating from the U.S. Coast Guard, there’s no better fireproof panel for ships and offshore platform construction than JetMarine Board.

JetMarine marine panels and boards come in standard sizes and custom options. JetMarine is fireproof marine board, and is a better option than marine plywoodForm and Function Come Together in JetMarine Board

With a paintable surface similar to FRP panels, JetMarine Board offers unlimited decorative potential. Marine architects and engineers are empowered to create livable – and lifesaving – interiors. JetMarine panels come in standard sizes but are also available in custom configurations.

Tough on the Elements. Easy on People.

While other boards crumble, rot, and warp in a marine environment, JetMarine Board stands strong. It simply cannot harbor mold, mildew, or insects due to its unique yet non-toxic chemical properties. When cut, JetMarine Board does not release the toxic, dangerous dust found in some marine boards.

Unwavering. Even in the Biggest Waves.

JetMarine Board is also resilient to impact, friction, and sustained vibration. As opposed to stainless steel and other metal wall paneling, JetMarine Board is lightweight. It’s as easy to work with as marine plywood or FRP panels. No special (and expensive!) tools needed to install JetMarine Board.

High Quality. Low Maintenance.

Unlike steel surfaces, JetMarine Board is not susceptible to rust. Constant cleaning and washing isn’t required to prevent deterioration.