For marine board and marine panels made for life at sea, discover JetMarine Board

Maximize Limited Marine Real Estate

Living space is limited on even the biggest ships. JetMarine Board empowers you to make the most of limited real estate with custom non-combustible furnishings and built-in compartments. JetMarine Board is the preferred material for constructing marine furnishings that make life at sea more like life at home.

Marine furniture needs to be both strong and comfortable. Build marine furnishings with JetMarine Board for cruise ship cabins, offshore platform construction, cruise ship berths, cruise ship beds, and moreIdeal for Building Custom Marine Furnishings

• Ship and oil platform work stations and lockers
• Galley cabinets and storage
• Desks, nightstands, bookcases
• Shelving, closets, and wardrobes
• Berth shelving
• When built around a metal bed frame, ideal for storage and berth compartments

Lightweight for Ease of Installation. A Heavyweight Against the Elements.

JetMarine Board is easy to work with: It can be cut on site using the score and snap method. Unlike some marine panels, no toxic dust is released when the board is cut. In fact, there’s nothing toxic at all about JetMarine Board – it’s safe for construction crews and passengers. As easy as JetMarine Board is on your crew and passengers, it’s tough on nature’s worst: insects, mold, mildew, and fire.

One Board. Many Applications. Same Advantages.

Delivering unprecedented versatility, JetMarine Board can be used throughout your marine interior. Use it in a panel application for cruise ship cabin walls or offshore platform flooring. Then, use the same marine board to build custom furniture to fill those rooms. There’s no need for different materials, when one superior marine board does it all.

Safe at Every Step: From Construction to Cabin

Unlike other mineral-based boards (such as some vermiculite board), JetMarine Board is completely non-toxic and free asbestos and silica. It’s manufactured in a plant that’s safe as a bakery, with byproducts similar to cattle feed. JetMarine Board is so easy on people – ship passengers, crew, and your marine construction team – that those with chemical sensitivities have no reaction.