JetMarine is certified by the US Coast Guard for fireproof marine interiors

Get On Board with the Most Advanced Marine Board

JetMarine Board is the result of over seven years of intensive research and development, and extensive testing to the highest standards. Manufactured using proprietary nano-ceramic technology, JetMarine Board ensures quality and performance in every board.

Coast Guard approved for noncombustible marine panel and marine board construction

Tested to the Highest Standards

• Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for Class A30 noncombustible construction
• Also meets standards set by European Conformity (EC), SOLAS, and IMO
• Rigorously tested to ASTM standards
• Preferred and trusted by marine engineers and marine builders

United States Coast Guard Approvals 

164.109 USCG Certified A30, B15, B0, C Class
164.107 USCG Fire Protection Certified for A30 in Double Wall Application




ASTM Testing for JetMarine Board

Racking – ASTM E72
Firewall – ASTM E119
Shear Strength – ASTM D2718
Flexural Strength – ASTM 1185C
Water Vapor Transmission – ASTM E96
Thermal Transmission – ASTM C518
Water Penetration – ASTM E331
Mold/Mildew Growth – ASTM D3273